Equus 16.4 Empowers Global Mobility Teams to Make Smarter Decisions


Newest release offers detailed, hypothetical cost estimates to quickly understand the financial impact of any proposed move.

Denver, Colorado – September 29, 2016: Equus Software announced that it has launched What-if Cost Estimates for AssignmentPro, empowering businesses with the knowledge to understand the full cost of an assignment prior to selecting the right talent or resource. This self-service tool advances the way organizations plan for global assignments by enabling them to make informed decisions and invest in the right talent for their business needs. In as little as three minutes, any designated person within an organization can run hypothetical assignment scenarios with as few as only ten inputs.

“We are thrilled to bring What-if Cost Estimates to all our customers around the world using AssignmentPro,” said Mark Thomas, CEO at Equus Software, “Our focus has always been to provide our customers with the tools needed to make smarter, more informed decisions about their global projects. This is another great step to empowering mobility and HR teams with the tools and knowledge to make the right investment for their business needs.”

In minutes, anyone within an organization can now run detailed and accurate cost estimates for a hypothetical assignment scenario.  Benefits include:

  • Self-service tool that allow anyone in an organization to run an estimate
  • Hypothetical cost scenarios that provide teams with the intelligence to make smart, cost effective decisions
  • Minimal set-up and configuration utilizing a business’s existing templates
  • Utilizes the Equus Tax Engine, supporting 88 countries globally
  • Simplified data entry process with a minimum of only ten fields

What-If Cost Estimates provide businesses with a quick and easy tool to run on-demand cost projections that generate the insights to help effectively plan and support their global mobility program.

Founded in 1999, Equus Software is the market leader in cloud-based relocation and mobility solutions. More than 200 organizations around the world use Equus to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals, and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business. Equus has a proven track record for delivering cost-effective global mobility solutions, continuous innovation and exceptional customer service. 

Mandy Hawks
Marketing Director
Equus Software
303-292-4200 ext. 235

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