The Equus Partner Network is designed to foster a long term, mutually beneficial relationship between Equus and our partners, providing our clients with valuable expertise, innovative solutions and seamless integrations that support every aspect of an assignment.

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The Equus Partner Network

Equus partners with companies doing everything from full implementation and support of our technology to integrating information about their services directly with our Equus client community. Our data sharing technology makes it easy and seamless for mobility teams, HR, service providers and mobile employees to access the information critical for a smooth mobility experience.

  • Resellers: Our Resellers directly sell software and provide full services and support for our technology. Resellers have expertise in a complimentary mobility discipline and provide their own staff of technology specialists to support companies using Equus technology solutions.

  • System Integrators: System Integrators add value and complimentary products that are seamlessly connected with Equus solutions, increasing market opportunities and providing comprehensive solutions to customers.

  • Service Providers: Service Providers leverage Equus solutions to deliver Global Mobility services to their client base, supporting the management of global assignments.

  • Industry Partners: Equus partners with the world’s leading Global Mobility communities to foster knowledge sharing and peer to peer engagement, helping you stay abreast of the latest trends in Global Mobility. 

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