EquityPro is a web-based application that calculates national, state/regional and social security taxes across multiple jurisdictions, based on an employee’s work location history. Withholding results are delivered immediately and can be conveniently shared with internal stakeholders, payroll systems and employees in a number of flexible formats.


Tax and social security regulations for equity awards are complex and vary widely across jurisdictions. As countries become increasingly sophisticated in auditing and enforcing equity withholding and reporting, it’s more important than ever to ensure your process is compliant. 

With EquityPro, you can:

  • Eliminate fragmented data collection and the management of withholding across multiple spreadsheets 
  • Manage equity withholding with one easy-to-use interface
  • Set specific positions at employee, plan or company levels and add exceptions as required.  
  • Create custom fields and screens
  • Receive automatic alerts for key events or milestones
PinPoint Makes Compliance Easy


  • Compliance for Equity Withholding and Reporting: EquityPro calculates national, state/regional and social security taxes across multiple jurisdictions and can automatically deliver results to internal stakeholders, payroll systems and employees.
  • Enhanced Reporting & Visibility: With EquityPro, equity plan administrators no longer have to gather and compile withholding across multiple sources and spreadsheets. In addition, the application can produce real-time employee communications, including withholding decisions, key even reminders delivery of final reward, etc. 
  • Intelligent, End-to-End Management: EquityPro provides automated, online management of the complete compensation lifecycle, from sign-on through payments and receipt of reward.
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