Reduce the risk of missing key tax, immigration or legal milestones when employees are working in a different location with PinPoint, a web-based application that keeps track of where your mobile employees are now, where they have been and where they are heading next.


Designed to help companies stay in compliance for tax, immigration and legal purposes, PinPoint makes tracking easy for both employers and busy mobile employees. Employees can check in quickly via the simple mobile interface, while employers automatically receive alerts when something happens that requires their attention.

PinPoint Makes Compliance Easy

With direct integrations to a company’s travel providers and HR systems, PinPoint connects business travelers with the larger global workforce, ensuring streamlined processes, enhanced data analytics, and a single system for managing mobile employees. PinPoint’s tax and immigration assessment tool helps mitigate that risk by enabling companies to proactively evaluate compliance thresholds prior to business travel.

Other features include:

  • Interactive maps that highlight risk by country or US state
  • Drill-down capabilities, from maps to employee calendars
  • Bulk load company travel data from various formats for analysis
  • Load multiple employees from a spreadsheet
  • Tax assessment tool for employees to determine risk before travel.
  • Custom fields and screens to track project teams
  • Automatic alerts for key events or milestones
Employee Advantages


PinPoint makes checking in and tracking assignments simple, using one sign-on and stored previously visited locations.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on

Employees using AssignmentPro can link to PinPoint with a single sign-on

Any Device

Any Device

Quickly and easily check in while traveling from a computer or mobile device



Eliminate entry time with geo-location features that remember common location.